# Asinara Island # Holiday

Asinara, Island Of Invaluable Beauty

Leaving to Asinara Islanda from Porto Torres

 "The earth has music for those who listen" George Santayana

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia

Asinara Island, Sardinia
In the north-west of Sardinia is located the immaculate territory of the Asinara National Park, designated as nature reserve and marine protected area. It is an island of flourishing vegetation, typical of Mediterranean scrub; home of white donkeys, wild boars, horses and many others sweet animals; a marine area of crystal clear water filled with fish. In one word I describe it as earthly paradise, where I spent a whole day sunk into silence and peace. Nature's beauty is the only true one who leaves us breathless :)

Wish you all a great week ahead, let's enjoy the summer till it lasts!




Ivanasworld said...

Beautiful ohotos and great place :)

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Dead Lilli, Sardinia must be a really beautiful place, yes like a paradise. Your pictures are very impressing. Everything looks in harmonie. The color of the ocean is fantastic and clear. I agree with you, the nature leaves us breathless.
I think I need vacation. Bacio Cla

Ivana said...

Ma che meraviglia cara Lilli... purtroppo non sono mai andata in Sardegna... mio amico di Torino mi ha raccontato il suo viaggio e mi diceva che fosse come un paradiso vero! Grazie per le foto! Bacio e buona settimana!

Unknown said...

Lilli che splendore, un'isola da sogno!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

Ivana said...



Paola Lauretano said...

Lasciano senza respiro questi scatti.... un paradiso!!!!

Ciao bellissima!!!

Elisa Zanetti said...

che posti splendidi!

Nameless Fashion Blog

Non si dice piacere - La moda passa, lo stile resta said...

che meraviglia!


Pooja Mittal said...

it truly is a earthy paradice , so well maintained
gorgeous sea view along with the lovely animals
Keep in touch

Dania said...

Ne parlano tutti benissimo dolcissima Lilly e le tue immagini non fanno che confermare quanto sentito in giro.
Paesaggi da togliere il fiato.
Un bacio



Lyosha Varezhkina said...

looks so good! I want to go on vacation right now!

have a great week!
Inside and Outside Blog

Unknown said...

che posti meravigliosi che abbiamo in Italia, quest'anno sarei voluta venire in Sardegna, ma poi i giorni di vacanza non erano molti quindi ho dovuto cambiare meta.
Spero di poter visitare questa terra meravigliosa al più presto.
Bellissime foto Lilli

un abbraccio

Veronica Vannini said...

Ma è un posto assolutamente meraviglioso!!!!!!!
Un bacio cara!
Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

Stanislava E. said...

Hi Lilli! So, you are on a vacation? You lucky! This island looks so peaceful and beautiful! I am glad that you are enjoying summer in a nice place! I just got back from Bratislava where it was raining most of the time so I am happy that it is sunny here! Have wonderful week too! And enjoy this place, it looks fantastic! Kisses

Chic Delights said...

It is paradise Lilli! It has crystal clear blue water which is perfect for swimming. The view is just sublime.

MayLoveFashion said...

Mamma mia Lilli che spettacolo, deve essere un'isola bellissima!

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

che splendidi paesaggi
Buon inizio settimana
un bacione

Irene De Giorgio said...

che posto stupendo, bacioni cara!

Sola ante el espejo said...

Che bellissimi foto Lilli! Un bacione tesoro.

Ivana Split said...

davvero un paradiso! bellissime le foto!

Anna and Klaudia said...

amazing views!!! <3


Anonymous said...

Lilli, I didn't get to comment on your last post but I absolutely adore those little black flats and I just have to put it out there that you have the most amazing figure! The last photo on this post is so lovely. Clear, blue water. I can't believe how clean and pure it looks. This looks like a great place to visit! My friend is totally into biological species and the like so I must recommend. Hope you've been doing well. Rosemary x


the chilicool said...

E' stupenda quest'isola, stupende le foto!

Demi Mist said...

Very beautiful photos!
I love the sea!
Have a great week!

Valeria said...

Che dire! Di fronte a queste foto non c'è molto da commentare. Del resto si sa che la tua terra è una meraviglia. Un bacio.


Barbara Bozzoli said...

Che foto Lilli!!! Mi fai venire troppa voglia di tornare nella tua terra!! <3

Kashaya said...

Beautiful photos.=)

Unknown said...

asssolutamente si! mi piace questo post!
ci seguiamo già a vicenda su Instagram?<a
Ti aspetto!

Lauren said...

Wow, these are such stunning photos. Such a beautiful place. I can't get over how crystal clear that water is! Makes me wish I was swimming right now. Thanks for sharing :)

Lauren xo
Sophisticated In Style

MakeUpNonSolo said...

sono stata tante volte in Sardegna ma l'Asinara mi manca. Queste foto sono mozzafiato!

Marcela Gmd said...

Nice place!!! and beautiful photos!!!
Have a good week, dear Lilli!! my g+ and like's for you!!!:)))

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Carmen Cotugno said...

che spettacolo queste foto :)
un bacione

Unknown said...

How fantastic that you have something so beautiful and tranquil near to where you live. The photos look like postcards and the water is so blue. I'm sure you very much enjoyed your visit especially the animals and I hope you felt very relaxed after. Have a great week x

mispapelicos said...

Wonderful cooling pick my dear Lilli

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Really incredibly beautiful place and great pictures!
It looks like paradise!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing pics of Asinara National Park. What a beautiful and serene place. It looks like a paradise indeed. Glad you were able to enjoy a day there. I bet you probably didn't want to leave :) Have a lovely week my dear!

Rowena @ rolala loves

MaryP said...

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ... Non ci sono mai stata! Non posso esimermi! Proprio bella ... Che paesaggi naturali! Da togliere il fiato proprio!

New Post-> http://www.modidimoda-mapi.blogspot.it/2014/08/insta-post-parole-e-immagini.html

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Lilli,

Such beautiful photos of the paradise you visited - the clear blue sky and water is amazing.
Happy week

nerline said...

Wow! It takes my breath away.

Mihaela Pojogu said...

A peaceful and relaxed photos & post, love it! many kisses and have a great week!

Tamara Chloé said...

This place looks absolutely divine Lilli! I so want to be there right now with a glass of wine and good food, enjoying the scenery, epecially with all the rain and fall temps here in Amsterdam ;(

You must have had an amazing time there love!

Kisses and enjoy an amazing week!

xx Tamara Chloé

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Gorgeous photography Lilli, this placer is a paradise.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lilli, it's absolutely breathtaking! Your pictures are spectacular. I can only imagine seeing it in person. You're so lucky. Nature is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Anshul Bhargava said...

Oh my!! This is absolutely serene...and breathtaking!! Such an ideal place to spend your weekend in!!! A stress buster for sure!! :)


Très Jewellery said...

Such beautiful photos! amazing nature. I haven't been in the blogging world for a while and boy I missed it! So good to be back and look through some of my favorite blogs! I must say that I fell in love with your look from the previous post. You look fabulous and that electric blue hue is so so perfect on you dear Lilli!




Antonella C’est Moi said...

wow...wow..non ci sono mai stata, ma credo che dovrò andarci quanto prima...che acqua!!!! un abbraccio mia cara Lilli e buona giornata

Unknown said...

Ciao Lilli! Mamma mia che meraviglia questo posto, un paradiso. Le immagini sono uno spettacolo, grazie per averle condivise!!
Un bacio grande carissima, buona giornata! :** <3

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Amazing place, the water is so clear and blue :))) I like it a lot. Sorry I am late coming to your blog my dear, my internet is acting terrible. They are coming to change it but not until next week, so if I am not around this is why. It's working just now, so I am trying to see everyone's blogs while I can. I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear. Hugs and loves xoxoxo

www.selodicecoco.it said...

Sono stata in Sardegna varie volte, ma l'Asinara non l'ho mai visitata, che meraviglia da queste fantastiche foto vedo che devo rimediare! baci Elisabetta

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

I agree with you, the nature leaves us breathless.Sardinia must be a really beautiful place,I would love to visit this place sometime in my life. It's really beautiful. Love all pics. Everything looks so romantic. The color of the ocean is amazing and clear. Have a great day my dear, kisses and hugs <3


Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

So wonderful, Lilli! Feels really peaceful... x

Ileana said...

What a beautiful place! Looks amazing :)



lu beautylove said...

...bellissimo mare...splendido davvero...acqua spettacolare...non sono mai stata in sardegna!!!
...un bacione!!!

nanussa said...

posti incantevoli!!! ciao cara finalmente ho risolto avevo problemi a commentare su blogger.... bacioni a presto!!

Unknown said...

These pictures are stunning! I do love your homeland, Lilli xo

Shopping Lady said...

Wow Lilli mi hai fatto sognare con queste foto, conosco l'Asinara solo di nome purtroppo un giorno mi piacerebbe visitarla!

My last post: 5 minutes


Tatiana said...

Beautiful place, dear!!!




Elekon said...

I wish to travel there NOW!

Unknown said...

Foto splendide e posti altrettanto meravigliosi!!

Un bacione grande, Elisa
My Fantabulous World

Unknown said...

Il mare, la natura il blu del cielo e il verde dei prati per me sono la felicità.
Bellissimi scatti

Unknown said...

Che spettacolo Lilli!

Benedetta M. said...

Che meraviglia Lilli, queste foto mi hanno proprio tolto il fiato! Sarebbe stupendo poterla visitare... Intanto mi godo i posti che hai immortalato! ;D

Un bacione,



bydee-make-up said...

This is paradise!
Lovely place Lilli! Lovely!

Unknown said...

ciao Lilli ma che meraviglia, questo posto è un piccolo paradiso, e che carini i cinghialotti!!il mare poi è uno specchio!!!
un bacione!

Unknown said...

wow Lilly che foto incantevoli!

Lilli said...

Thank you all! xo

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