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Kitten Beanie

KittenBeanie+ShearlingJacket+SweaterDress+KittenMitten+Bikers+ChainBag+RedLips - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog

KittenBeanie+ShearlingJacket+SweaterDress+KittenMitten+Bikers+ChainBag+RedLips - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog

Kitten Beanie


KittenBeanie+ShearlingJacket+SweaterDress+KittenMitten+Bikers+ChainBag+RedLips - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog

Kitten Mittens

Biker Boots - Details

Lilli, Candy and Style Fashion Blog
I'm wearing:
Tezenis Beanie and Mittens - Mango Jacket and Bag - Segue Scarf - Zuiki Sweater Dress - Golden Lady Tights - Bata Boots - Chanel La Flamboyante Lipstick n.337

The day I shot these photos, was blowing a cold wind. Fortunately, I was wearing my new sweet and warm set of beanie and mittens, how do you like it? Is it a kitty or what? Still not sure which animal represents, lol :)

Happy Weekend!



Antonella C’est Moi said...

Ciao Lilli, ma che grazioso questo cappellino, troppo carino e poi ti sta davvero bene!! Un abbraccio e buon we <3

Stanislava E. said...

Hah, it looks more like a kitty to me! So cute! I'd love to wear such pair too! The outfit looks very comfortable, warm and stylish. I really like those boots and Mango bag. The 2nd photo looks like a street style photographer stopped you on the street and asked you to take photos of your outfit, haha, I have an imagination today. Happy weekend, Lilli! xo

P.S.: I was actually inspired by the perfect new design of your blog, Lilli! I am still in a search for the one I like the most for mine.

Habanero Angelica said...

Look carino, gli orecchini mi piacciono molto.
Una buona giornata :-*


Esmeralda said...

Ciao Lilli, devo dire che il cappello ed i guanti con il micio ti donano molto. Trovo il look spiritoso ma chic! Un caro saluto e buon week end.

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Unknown said...

You look adorable in the hat and mittens - it looks like a kitty to me :)

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Awww, this look is so cute, stylish and warm. Oh i loved the complete outfit. All black can never go wrong in this season. But still my favorites are those kitty gloves and hat. They have made your look more stylish and cute. Loved those comfy boots and coat too. Lilly, you look so beautiful in red lipstick honey. Wish you a wonderful day my girl. Hugs, hugs :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hello my dear Lilli!! Ahhh...you look so cute, I love this hat a lot!! I used to have one a bit like this, I think my oldest daughter took it, haha!! It is very needed though with this weather, the wind is so cold!! You look just gorgeous. I hope you have a stunning weekend!! Lots of loves & hugs xoxo

Diana said...

Ma questo cappellino lo voglio anche io! MI PIACE TANTISSIMO!
Anche il cappotto mi piace, sembra caldissimo....!
Buon week end!

Unknown said...

Eccolo il beanie che hai comprato Lilli!!! È troppo bello, poi si vede che faceva un gran freddo! Davvero molto carina!!!

Lizzy said...

che sfiziosità!

Dania said...

Lilli è troppo si patico iltuo cappellino :-)
Bacio tesoro



the chilicool said...

Il cappellino e i guanti sono simpaticissimi!

Alice said...

che bello il cappellino, ma anche il cappotto :)
e vedo che hai cambiato grafica del blog, mi piace!!

Demi Mist said...

You look so cute Lilli!
I think it's a cat!
Have a nice weekend!!!

Unknown said...

Ei ciao. Adoro il cappellino e i guanti! Sono un amore e devo dire che ti donano molto :*

Another earth pink



Unknown said...

Lilli ma questo cappellino e' troppo bello! e ti sta davvero bene ;)

Unknown said...

tu sai essere bella e raffinata anche con il muso di un gatto sulla testa...sono doti queste eh

MayLoveFashion said...

Lilli ma il cappellino è troppo carino e che belli gli stivali! Buon week end cara!

nerline said...

I love this minimal look. And the hat look super cute too.

Shireen L. Platt said...

How cute is that beanie and gloves?! You look super adorable! I know what you mean by the cold wind, it's the same here where I live. There's no snow but lots of rain and cold wind.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

LoveT. said...

What a gorgeous Set ,love the Beanie! Also your Make up looks fantastic ,i adore the Eye Shadow ,amazing Colour :)

kisses <3

DIMI said...

Hello Lilli!!
It sure is a kitty!!
I like your beanie and mittens!!So cute!!
And what an amazing outfit!You look gorgeous!
I love your earrings!!
Hope you have a happy weekend!Hugs!

Paola Lauretano said...

Si è un gatto ed è tenerissimo... mi piace questo total black reso meno "banale" da simpatici accessori!!!
Bella la texture del montone eco! Ecco come combattere freddo e vento con stile!!!!!
Happy friday!
Kisses, Paola.


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Mihaela Pojogu said...

Looks more like a kitty and you are extremely cute in this adorable total black. many kisses
Good start for the weekend!

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

ciao Lilli, stai veramente benissimo in total black, bello il montoncino
un bacione grande

Anna and Klaudia said...

Wow!! you look gorgeous <3333

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look so classy Lilli. Love the coat and bag! Many kisses! Have a great weekend!!!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Oh your kitten beanie and mittens are just darling Lilli! I'm glad to hear they kept you warm on this windy day and you look so pretty and chic as always. Have a wonderful weekend sweets!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lilli, that hat is the absolute CATS MEOW! Oh how cute it looks! Love that you're wearing black and silver with it. Looks so good together. I LOVE your new layout! Very chic my friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sweet <3 Love the beanie and the gloves!!! You are lovely!!! Love the outfit, many kisses dear Lilli and happy Sunday :)

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Dear Lilli, i think this is a mouse and such a cute mouse. :) Your outfit is exactly right for icy days. The jacket looks snugly warm. And I am certainly the sweet beanie and the gloves protect you also well against the cold. With the boots your outfit has a light rocky touch. Great Look dear Lilli!!
Mio caro amico, ti mando un grande abbraccio. Buon fine settimana

Unknown said...

Beautiful look my dear and wooow I am loving the cleared new layout!!!
Way to go doll!

miss b said...

That's such a cute hat! You look really well wrapped up and cosy in your outfit. I like the pop of red from your lipstick with the dark outfit. I didn't expect it to be quite so cold where you are. Perhaps we are all having a cold spell in Europe at the moment . Have a lovely weekend

pinklady82 said...

ma che carina con cappellino e guanti coordinati con il gattino ^^

Unknown said...

ciao Lilli , mi piace molto la nuova veste del blog!!!
tu sei splendida, adoro il tuo cappellino!!!!
lo voglio!!!!! kiss!!!!!

Audrey said...

adoro questi berretti ma io purtroppo sto malissimo :-(

Chic Delights said...

Hi Lilli, your beanie is so cute. Just adorable. Your boots are so nice too. Enjoy the weekend!

Unknown said...

no vabbè troppo carino il cappello. A me piace qualsiasi cosa con le orecchie e sono arrivata anche a quella cosa un po' infantile di incollare le orecchie sul casco. W gli orsi. E tu stai proprio bene in all black Lilli.
un bacino e che sia un sabato favoloso.

Unknown said...

Adorabile!! Con i gattini sul cappello e sui guanti sei dolcissima...

Giusy Loporcaro said...

ciao cara...sei una splendida gattina!!!!! buon weekend!

Jo said...

You changed your blog layout, Lilli. I quite like my current one as it took me some time to get the white and pink theme with cats together. But I do want to change the typography of my blog. I thought of using a clean readable font and try to maintain the same style of fonts throughout. Your new layout looks so clean. I'm always in favour of super white minimalist, clean feel.

On to your beanie. It is definitely a kitty. And the mittens... OMG... I didn't expect the beanie and the mittens to be a match. SO cute!

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

ANNA said...

cara stai molto bene..poi il cappellino con i guanti sono davvero molto sfiziosi a presto

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

The kitty print is so adorable and I love the coat and boots very much, too! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Lilli! Stay warm! x

Helena Resende said...

Adorable :)


ilda76 said...

Hihiii, the cutest kitty! :) So adorable your look, Lilli! Il constrasto dentro tu biondo capelli and the black of your closes is perfect per evidenziare la tua bellezza!
Oh, italiano-english again! :)) It seems like I thinking this way! If you think it's annoying, just let me know and I'll keep myself on just one language! :)
Your jacket is so classy, I love it - it will always pass the test of the time!
Beautiful outfit, year! You're an inspiration to me!

Have a relaxing weekend! Many,many kisses!
Lavender Thoughts

P.S. May I ask you a question? I was wondering why I can't let comments to older posts of your blog? :) Thank you!

My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

How cute is this? Looks great Lilli; love it!

Rebecca said...

Can you be any cuter even in monochromatic black??/


Unknown said...

Love the look, Lilli!

I bet it's a kitty-- a black kitty hehehe..

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Jhem | JhemArzaga.com

Shopping Lady said...

Sei adorabile con questo cappellino e questi guanti, sono così carini!
Buona domenica Lillo :*)

My last post: ShoesPie for your shoes addiction

Shopping Girls

Beauty said...

The beanie and mittens are so, so cute. Gorgeous booties too.

Sola ante el espejo said...

mi piace tanttissimo questo look Lilli, stai benissimo! Un bacio.

Unknown said...

All black everything...........that's my kind of style ha ha. I love the coat, it does look so warm and I love the material of the coat as well - suede, I think. Suede always make a refreshing change from traditional leather. The matching kitty gloves and hat are so cute and quirky - I would agree it's a kitty cat but it could actually pass for a little puppy as well I think. I hope this weekend the weather hasn't been too cold and windy. have a lovely week lovely x

Carola D. said...

Tu lo sai che io ora voglio quel cappellino???? ♡♡♡♡

Vale ♥ said...

Dolcissimo questo completo con il gattino, Lilli ! Stai troppo bene, bellissimo anche il montoncino che porti, ed il makeup è fantastico come sempre del resto, brava tu :) Baci

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Liz said...

Definitely a black cat! Love it! I'm a big fan of cat inspired fashion.


Check out kitty corner for cat inspired fashion :)

Yasya said...

This beanie is so lovely!

*TDM* said...

Sì, direi che è un gattino! ma ciao tesoro :*
quanto è bello questo completino coordinato? anche i guanti sono deliziosi!
stai benissimo con i berretti e questo è troppo tenero <3
mi piace molto anche il trucco, è bianco o grigio l'ombretto che hai applicato?
belli anche gli stivaletti!
un bacione e buonanotte tesoro mio *-*

Unknown said...

Che bello questo cappellino. un abbraccio Lili!


Valeria said...

Lilli!! Lo voglio anch'io quel cappellino!
Un bacio e buon inizio di settimana.


Lilli said...

Thanks a lot for your comments! xo

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