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Allie Marie Evans - Image via TheBeautyDepartment.com
Allie Marie Evans - Image via TheBeautyDepartment.com

With the slowly approach of spring, I'm thinking about a makeover. Well to be honest, I am in the mood for a new hairstyle from months but I am still not brave enough to go for the chop, I always loved long hair on women, whatever the face shape is. I think it depends on my childhood where I was forced to keep my hair short and I totally hated it.
At the moment, I'm very obsessed with the white blonde/platinum: it has been one of the hair color trends of the last seasons and keeps to be so even for 2015, together with the medium length, the so-called lob. I'm already aware of the extreme care a similar haircut and dye require, this is what makes me shilly-shally most being pretty lazy when it comes to hair care (unlike the skincare); but definitely the hairstyle above would be my choice if I ever take courage. Change is always good, isn't it? :)

Are you currently satisfied with your hairstyle or are you thinking about a new makeover too?

Happy Monday!



Stanislava E. said...

Oh, Lilli, I remember when I was a child I prayed to God for long hair, haha (but don't tell anyone, please). So, I think long hair is my thing and I would not cut it, as my face is long. But I do like this trend and even 2 friends of mine did the change and they look great. I'd be curious to see how it will look on you, but I am sure you will look beautiful as usual! Nice choice! Have a wonderful day, Lilli! xo

Shopping Lady said...

Capisco perfettamente, la voglia di cambiare taglio e colore si ripresenta sempre. Io direi osa, inoltre questo biondo platino chiarissimo credo ti starebbe davvero bene!
Beh, tienici aggiornate :*)
Buon lunedì Lilli

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The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hello Lovely....I love your hair, but I can understand wanting a change, I have been thinking on a change as well, maybe some colour or something. I need a trim as well. I think lighter hair would be beautiful on you or something like that. Whatever you choose, I know you will look amazing!! I hope you have a gorgeous day my sweet!! Hugs and loves xox

LoveT. said...

Think it would look beautiful :)

Happy Monday Lilli ,kisses

Veronica Vannini said...

Taglio e colore stupendi! Osa cara!!!
Un bacione!
Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

You are right Lilli, though I love your hair length but it'll be a fresh change to shorten it. I always love medium length hair. You can make different hair styles with them and leave them open too. I can't wait to see you in a new hair style. I'm also very lazy to care for my hair and skin. I'm suffering from a serious hair fall these days. Can you suggest me some remedies for this problem?

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Go for it! Even if you don't love it, the hair always grows back :) And you know what? I cut mine last weekend - went back to my very very shot bob and it feels amazing. :) (Thought when I was a kid I had super long hair - had my very first hair cut when I was 15)

www.selodicecoco.it said...

La primavera è sicuramente la stagione che ci porta a voler cambiare anche io ci penso spesso, chissa' se avro' il coraggio! secondo me tu staresti benissimo con questo colore luminoso! Baci Elisabetta

Unknown said...

Stupenda Lilli!


Esmeralda said...

Che donna coraggiosa sei Lilli!!! Non tanto per il colore ma per il taglio dei capelli!! Io non ci sono mai riuscita a tagliarli sopra le spalle... a parte quando da piccola per colpa dei pidocchi!!! Sono certa però che starai benissimo!

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nanussa said...

il mio consiglio e' di non tagliarli troppo corti ....osa se vuoi tagliarli ma non troppo.... almeno ti abitui per vedere poi se ti piacciono ;)
come colore ti vedo con un biondo dorato caldo e non troppo chiaro.

aspettiamo allora il tuo nuovo look!! bacioni cara felice inizio settimana :)

Vale ♥ said...

Tu staresti benissimo Lilli ! Io vorrei tagliarli ma ho troppa paura...poi considera che i miei praticamente non crescono, per cui significherebbe per sempre, ahahahah, ma il bob è un taglio trendy che adoro ! Baci

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Dania said...

Io ti ci vedo con un nuovo colore e questo mi sembra perfetto.. E poi Lilly tu staresti bene con ogni taglio perche seibellissima :-)



Antonella C’est Moi said...

Ciao Lilli, come stai? Questo taglio e colore sono bellissimi, secondo me dovresti osare, secondo me staresti bene!! Un abbraccio

marilovesgr33n said...

Lilli che meraviglia quella foto. E' bellissimo il taglio e il colore. Quella è davvero la perfezione.
Ho tagliato i capelli a caschetto due anni fa, leggermente più corti di quelli e ti dico che io non ero per niente in grado di gestirli, quindi alla fine erano sempre in disordine. non mi ci vedevo.

Imperfect Muse said...

Change is always good! You look amazing,anyway!
another kid forced to keep the hair short...:D

Paola Lauretano said...

Mi piacerebbe provare questo taglio di media lunghezza... ma non credo di trovare il coraggio!!! Invece, sono convinta che questo taglio e colore a te stiano benissimo, prova!!!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Chic Delights said...

Go for it Lilli. The medium length, bob cut is always my hairstyle as I have thick hair. It is my favourite. It will look great on you especially the blonde/platinum colour. You can always grow it back anyway.

*TDM* said...

E' un taglio molto bello, Lilli! ma non credo sia adatto a tutte, di sicuro non a me! Non potrei mai tagliare così tanto i capelli XD è un bel rischio!
però è un taglio stupendo e molto elegante!
un bacione e buona gionrata <3 :*

nerline said...

If you feel that your ends are too thin, it is the best thing to do. Cutting your hair will make it look fuller and stronger. I am 100% sure it will look good on you. Kisses!

Elekon said...

I`m always trying new stylist to give me a hair cut, cause they all have different styles and I`m always looking from something new:) Go for it! Anyway it`s only a hair and will grow soon:)

Peaches D. Ledwidge said...

Why not test a wig and see if you'll like it.

I love your long hair but i am curious to see it chopped - the wig - not yours.

I used to chop mine a lot. Now I keep it long because it's easy to put it in a ponytail and just go. Two months ago, I wanted to chop it off, now I'm OK.

Wait for a while and see if you still want to chop or crop it.

Cheers Lilli, love always.

DIMI said...

Hello Lilli!!
I'll change my hair for Spring!
Waiting to see you new look!!
Have a happy week!Kisses!

Demi Mist said...

I love changes and I think this style would suit you.
I have been thinking of cutting my hair too, but I decided to keep it long in the end.
At the moment I'm playing with the colour!
Have a great week Lilli!

MariaFelicia Magno said...

ti starebbe benissimo...anche io nei cambiamenti sono molto titubante
un bacione

Pooja Mittal said...

every single day i think of a all new look , a makeover for spring , i need a new haircut too

alessandra said...

io adoro i capelli lunghi, ma questo taglio sono sicura che ti starà benissimo!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color, I like the short hair too!! Kisses <3

Mihaela Pojogu said...

Until first grade I had short hair, I had to trim it again at 13 years(up to shoulders) due to problems in the spine and I did it again at 30 especially for pleasure, but thinking on this change for many months.
Was the only time I didn't regret. Now I growing up for a bob, I think you will do on the proper time.

Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful hair!!!
Dear Lilli, I LOVE your new photo of the blog!!!!!
Thank you so much for your nice comment!!!
Have a nice day!!! my g+and like's for you!!!:)))

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Unknown said...

Ciao Lilli,
il taglio mi piace molto e come hai scritto anche tu questo è il colore dell'anno. Tu sfoggi già un bel biondo che ti dona parecchio ma credo, vista la tua bella carnagione, che anche questa tonalità possa valorizzarti. un abbraccione e buon inizio settimana amica mia :* <3

Unknown said...

I am currently with my short kinky natural hair and I love it but I am excited to have gold braids soon for Spring.
I think the platinum will suit you so much!!
Go for it my girl!


ilda76 said...

Ciao cara Lilli! :)
Few years ago I made changes after changes after changes on my hair style! Now, I don't feel like I need a new makeover... But it's just for now, tomorrow is another day! :))
Lilli, If you think that a new haircut will make you feel good, go for it! I'll keep the fingers crossed for you even I already know that you'll look great!
Mille bacci per te! :)

Lavender Thoughts

P.S. I've missed the chance to write my thoughts on your previous post, so I'll tell you here about it:
Your skin look sunkissed, I just love it! I really like your outfit, the colours combination is so beautiful!

Sola ante el espejo said...

Adoro il colore! Un bacio Lilli.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Your current hairstyle really suits you Lilli but yes change can be good and exciting too :) I guess you really have to think about the maintenance no matter what you decide to do with your hair. I went from a pixie cut to a bob a few years ago and I love it so much that I will be sticking with this style for awhile. I just wear it longer in the winter and cut it shorter during the summer. Have a lovely week sweet friend!

Unknown said...

Ti capisco Lilli, nemmeno io sono capitan coraggio quando si parla di capelli! Ma secondo me dovresti buttarti! QUesto taglio ti starebbe benissimo!!

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Deat Lilli, yes a changes is always good. This i also think. Just today I have spoken with my daughter of this hair trend. She also has long hair like you. But her hair is thin a little bit and I think this new one long would stand to her good. But like you she is afraid a little bit. I am sure, the haircut stands to you too and it grows again also again. So go aheard. I would like to see you with this lob. ;)
Kiss kiss Cla

Nina Kobi said...

I totally understand you. I'm thinking of changing my brown hair to dark red, but I still can't decide to go and get the new color. xx

June said...

Oh yes I am totally with you on this one. I tend to get bored of my hair every once in a while too. I got highlights a few months ago, but now I wanna go even lighter. Sadly I have to wait for some time as I've got quite tanned and brown after my recent holiday by the beach. BTW I'm finally back to the blog!

Diana said...

Anche io sto pensando ad un luogo look ....forse la frangetta. Comunque secondo me saresti perfetta con un colore freddo come il biodo/bianco!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you feel inspired to do it, then do it. I had lots of hair changes in 2014 and right now I'm back to my natural colour and letting my hair grow again. It's all about feeling good about oneself!

Unknown said...

Bellissimo taglio


Unknown said...

Ciao Lilli
Biondo platino mi piace solo con il capelli corto o alle spalle al massimo,, a me il tuo colore piace molto ..non so se ti vedrei cosi chiara..sono sincera... Pensa Che io mi volevo fare rosa..ma il mio lavoro non me lo permette ovviamente..tanti baci

sonia // daring coco said...

Ooh Lilli I think you would rock this look girl! I love the lob, I want one for myself but like you I like long hair. I also don't like short hair on me. My last appointment my was cut a little more above my chest making it so much shorter than usual and I didn't really like the length. I did love the body of it though, I could do so much more with my hair too. I don't think I'd go any shorter than that.


Carola D. said...

Siii fallooooo!!!!! ♡♡♡♡

Unknown said...

I identify with you, I love you but dare not cut my hair when I was a child I took bob hairstyle for many years.
Happy week Lilly!!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lilli, I think that would be a lovely length for you! Have you tried pinning your hair that length and looking at it in a mirror. Or someone taking a picture of you pinned. Try doing that and seeing how you like it. Also discuss it with your hair stylist before cutting. I think it would look really good! Go for it! You won't regret it doll. You're not going for a pixie cut :)

Beauty Unearthly said...

Stylish and chic look! Go for it! Anyway it`s only a hair and will grow soon:) Have a beautiful Tuesday dear! kisses

losingstruggle said...

Last week I decided to cut off almost 30 cm of my hair! I donated it to ThinkPink It's a big change but I really like it.

I wrote a post about it!

Valeria said...

Ciao Lilli. Mi piace molto sia il taglio che il colore e secondo me staresti benissimo! E' vero, ci vuole un po' di coraggio ma io ti consiglio di buttarti!!
Un bacio


the chilicool said...

Un bellissimo taglio e colore!
new post

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

Lilli sono molto belli, solo che poi ad altezza spalle non stanno :/ io li avevo fatti
amo da impazzire il colore (che non mi uscirà mai)
buon martedì
un abbraccio

bydee-make-up said...

I love this look and I think you should go for it! :)
Kisses, sweetie!

Fede said...

il bianco mi piace davvero molto

collected by Katja said...

Totally love this hairstyle and I'm sure, that it would looks so great with you <3 ...!! Can't wait to see, how you've decided!! - Kisses from Vienna,



ANNA said...

osa cara perché con la tua bellezza staresti bene con qualsiasi taglio o colore un abbraccio

Audrey said...

è un taglio stupendo, secondo me ti donerebbe molto!

Benedetta M. said...

Io penso che il cambiamento sia sempre un'evoluzione positiva, guai a chi non sperimenta e non prova nuove emozioni, sono d'accordo con te!

Un bacione,



Aida said...

Hi babe!
how I understandd your cold feet so well about the chop!! I've been having these mixed feelings for so long as wel and once in a while I cut a bit but never enough to really show the diffrence you know? as for you, i would love see you go platinum blonde and this cut if you ever decide to go for it is just so perfect for you! best of lucks with the very scary decision my dear friend. just bear in mind you have a gorgeous face and that it will suit you amazingly for sure!

about the previous look I adore your coziness and colours mix! That is such a gorgeous jacket . You look warm and cozy, the beautiful tartan scarf is such a great touch as well! the accessories details are just adorable!

have a wonderful week sweet Lilli
bacci tanti

Miss fashionmix said...

Haha! My thoughts are totally the same as yours! I really want to change hair colour, but really afraid!
It's funny, when I was little my mom didn't let me cut my hair and I always had really long hair, so now I hate very long hair. So, I guess you are right, it is all about our childhood memories:)))
XOXO from Shanghai

Unknown said...

Wow yes girl, I could totally see you with this colour and cut; I think it would really suit you but I totally understand how nervous you would be to change your hair colour to a colour that would be even more high maintenance and to get it cut when you've loved and had long hair for so long. I'm so excited to see what you do. I've always had short hair and I rarely change it. I've never changed the colour but I'd love to see you take a good risk with this platinum colour. Good luck with the decision making and have a good week x

Barbara Bozzoli said...

Lilli con questo colore staresti benissimo secondo me, siamo curiose di sapere che taglio e colore sceglierai:)
un bacio grande!!!


Eniwhere Fashion said...

Ciao carissima Lilli. Inanzi tutto complimenti per la nuova grafica, secondo, pensavo che nella foto ci fossi tu. Allora, secondo me staresti molto bene anche con i capelli corti, ma tagliali magari poco, cosi almeno vedi fino a che punto ti piaci. Io, al contrario di te da piccola ho sempre avuto i capelli lunghissimi. Adesso man mano cresco ho sempre più voglia di tagliarli. L'ultima volta infatti li ho tagliati un bel pezzo, ma non mi soddisfano molto, probabilmente è il taglio scalato che non ho capito nemmeno adesso perché l'ho scelto. Ma fa parte di me...sono un po matta io ;)))
Per il colore invece penso che staresti proprio bene. Prova, tanto quello in un attimo puoi sempre cambiarlo, no?
Un bacione e buona serata,

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

This is a fabulous style haircut Lilli!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Change is always a good and fun thing! Changing your hairstyle is such a good way to make a statement and at least your hair will always grow back just in case you don't like it. You have such a beautiful face and I am sure anything that you choose will be fabulous! Funny that you say you were supposed to have short hair as a child as with my childhood we were encouraged to keep our hair long! LOL!


Lilli said...

Thanks a lot for your kind and honest feedback, much appreciated! xo

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