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On A Rainy Day

FuzzyJacket+OversizedScarf+PlaidSweater+Leggings+Bikers+TrilbyHats+ChainBag+Braid - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog

FuzzyJacket+OversizedScarf+PlaidSweater+Leggings+Bikers+TrilbyHats+ChainBag+Braid - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog


Details - Accessories

FuzzyJacket+PlaidSweater+Leggings+Bikers+TrilbyHats+Braid - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog

Details - Accessories

Biker Boots

FuzzyJacket+PlaidSweater+Leggings+Bikers+Braid - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog
I'm wearing:
Piazza Italia Hat - Carpisa Scarf - No Brand Sweater Jacket, Leggings and Boots - Sheinside Sweater - Me & Me Pittarello Turtleneck Sweater - Primadonna Bag - Tally Weijl Earrings - Zuiki Lips Rings - Layla Ceramic Effect Nail Polish n.14

It has been quite a challenge taking these photos, it was raining cats and dogs (look behind me) all the weekend and didn't want to stop, so I apologize for the poor quality but there wasn't enough light and I wanted to show the outfit to you the same.

This is the first time I wear an item from Sheinside, confess to have always been curious about their stuff, so when I was asked to review one of their clothes, I soon took the chance and picked this nice plaid sweater. I placed my order at the end of December and in 3 weeks it arrived, pretty fast if you know how long it usually takes from there. The sweater is very warm and I feel so comfy with it, in fact, I've already worn it many times from when I've got it; plus, it has the pockets and you know how much love this detail on sweaters and dresses.

Inspired by the checked pattern, I paired my new sweater with black leggings and bikers and a cream fuzzy jacket for a plain and effortless style; while the trilby hat just adds the final and quirky touch to the whole look, hope you enjoy it :)

Happy Monday!



LoveT. said...

Amazing black and white Look! The Pics are fantastic <3

Have a great Start in the new Week Lilli ,kisses

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hello my lovely!! I can understand these moments, it does really make it hard to take pictures and finding places with roofs and light is not easy. I struggle with it sometimes too. Sorry the weekend was so wet, but you still look wonderful, I really like this top and cardigan you have on, it looks so warm and cosy!! I hope you have more dry days this week!! Lots of hugs and kisses to you xo

Stanislava E. said...

So sorry to hear that it's raining a lot where you are, Lilli! But your outfit is so bright and I love that cardigan! Congrats on the collaboration! The cream fuzzy jacket is my favourite though, it's so stylish and it's great to see a different colour than black! I also really like the boots and the bag! Wonderful outfit, Lilli! One of my fav of yours! Hope you have a sunny week ahead! xo

*TDM* said...

Ciao Lilli!
sai, anche a me incuriosiva Sheinside e in effetti i tempi di attesa non sono stati poi così lunghi!
Mi piace molto il maglioncino, hai scelto proprio bene! sembra molto caldo e morbido :D
anche qui ha piovuto moltissimo fino a ieri mattina...
comunque non preoccuparti per le foto, sono venute bene!
dimenticavo, stai benissimo con il cappello!
un bacione e buona giornata

Veronica Vannini said...

Ciao Lilli! Sì, Sheinside è un buon sito dove acquistare! Bel look cara, mi piace molto!
Un bacione!
Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

Esmeralda said...

Ciao Lilli, come ti sta bene questo cappello! Mi piace molto anche il cappottino. Oggi qui a Roma c'è un bel sole ma ieri grandine, nevischio, vento! Un incubo!!
Buona giornata.

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Marcela Gmd said...

Lovely look!!! I love your boots and hat!!!
Have a good week, dear Lilli!!! my g+ and like's for you!!!:)))

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Elisa Zanetti said...

che bello il cappotto! oddio sei bella tutta!

Nameless Fashion Blog

Sola ante el espejo said...

Bellissimo look Lilli! Un bacio tesoro.

ilda76 said...

So chic, so cool! I just love your stylish outfit, Lilli!
You look amazing wearing this hat, very inspired choice!
I'm wainting kind of plaited fluffy vest from Sheinside and a plaited shirt! So... plaited rullzz! :)) I'm glad to hear that you're content about the quality of their products!

Many, many kisses, dear Lilli!
Have a smiley week! :)

Lavender Thoughts

Diana said...

Ciao Lilli,
questi giorni freddi e piovosi hanno scocciato un bel po', uff!
Ma riesci ad esser bellissima anche con il tempo grigio, tu. Adoro la maglia e quel cappottino è qualcosa di stupendo!!!

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Hi Lilli, I know, in winter is complicated sometimes take good picture for the weather! But I can see that beautiful top you chose! I like the grid trend is so classy and stylish <3 Happy start of week hun!

Dania said...

Lilli stai veramente bene.. Belli il binomio beige ecnero e devo dire molto bello il cappotto.
Tanti baci tesoro.


bydee-make-up said...

You are so stylish, Lilli!
I love your hat and your boots. <3

Ivana Split said...

I face the same problem...Moreover, Mostar is famous for its rains so the issue of taking photos in the rain does come up frequently. It will probably rain daily this February, but I won't let that ruin my mood.

you look so cozy.....and very stylish and pretty....adorable sweater....


the chilicool said...

Molto bello questo tuo look, stai molto bene, E' un ottimo sito per fare acquisti!

nanussa said...

questo look e' davvero bellissimo!! felice inizio settimana, bacioni!! :)

MayLoveFashion said...

Carinissimo questo look, bello il maglione e mi piacciono tanto gli stivali!

Shireen L. Platt said...

I seriously love that sweater however I must admit that I thought it was a dress at first. Shows you how much of a fashionista I am, eh? LOL! And I really like your hat and boots too, they are really lovely, Lilli!
I know what you mean by the rain, it's almost the same here and it sometimes rain non stop for a week. The lighting is also gone and it's almost impossible for me to take pictures for my post.

Hope you had a great weekend, Lilli!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I love that plaid sweater and chain purse Lilli! Black & beige always looks so good together. Love your side braid. Despite the rain, you look fabulous.

Mihaela Pojogu said...

Awesome black and white look my dear, love the hat, you look so stylish! xoxo
Have a great week! ♥

Pooja Mittal said...

i like your wam and comfy outfit for rainy day , all ready to rock ir , huuh
Keep in touch

Unknown said...

bellissimo il cappotto e anche la nuova grafica Lilli

nerline said...

I love the layering. You look beautiful!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Gorgeous !!! you look lovely Lilli!
Many kisses! Have a great week!!!

francescafocarini said...

Che bello questo cardigan Lilli!
Sembra davvero morbido e caldo :)

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Mari said...

Che bel cappotto... mi piace molto il tessuto!


Benedetta M. said...

Bellissima e stilosa anche con la pioggia! mi piacciono tanto i tuoi look B&W e che belli gli stivali!

Un bacione,



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful look for this time, dear Lilli <3 Love the cardigan, kisses :)

DIMI said...

Hello Lilli!!
Wow!!What a great look and outfit!
Like your Jacket ,the hat and the boots!!
You look so preety dear!Amazing style!
Hope you have a happy week!!

Anonymous said...

The fuzzy jacket is my favourite item! Very nice look. Hope that next time you have more luck with the weather!

Unknown said...

Io adoro acquistare da Sheinside. Bellissima Lili.


Elekon said...

Always stylish! I know how it`s hard to take photos in a bad weather!xx

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I'm glad you managed to take these photos despite the rainy weather Lilli! You picked such a nice sweater. It has a classic yet fun feel and the style is very flattering on you. I also really like your creamy fuzzy jacket. It pairs perfectly and looks so cozy. Have a marvelous week my dear!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Unknown said...

Ti capisco Lilli con la pioggia non e'proprio facile...ma sai che sei proprio bella con questo look black and white?
Troppo bello anche il cappotto!!!
Un bacio

My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

You look stunning as always! Love this look, great combination Lilli.
xo Happy Monday evening!

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Dear Lilli,
I know the problem to make outfit-photos with the bad lighting condition. I also fight just with it. However, I find your photos have succeeded very well. This is what I thought when I saw the first pictures of you and i like the new location.
Your new sweater is a very nice pieces and he looks really very comfortable. A good choice. And together with black and he knows harmonised wonderfully.
I hope the weather is better now in your area an wish you a week with sun and blue sky. Kisses Cla

Unknown said...

Ciao Lilli! Anche io sto aspettando un pacchetto da Sheinside e sono curiosa come una scimmia! :D Bellissimo il maglioncino a quadri e mi piace molto anche il cardigan che hai indossato sopra! Per il resto ti capisco, quando piove è tragico scattare foto!

Lizzy said...

è favoloso questo cappottino...mi piace molto come lo hai abbinato!

Rakel said...

so lovely!




Paola Lauretano said...

Anch'io sto aspettando il mio primo capo da Sheinside... speriamo non deluda le mie aspettative!!! Il tuo pull è bellissimo, mi piace molto la stampa ed anche la lunghezza!!! Stupendo il cappotto!!!! Super look bambola!!!!
Have a great start of the week!
Kisses, Paola.


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Unknown said...

Ciao tesoro,
bellissimo il tuo maglionicino e super il look di oggi che ti da un aria da star ;)
un bacione e buon inizio settimana :* <3

Unknown said...

perfetta per un giorno di pioggia!

Unknown said...

Love this outfit Lilli from head to toe. Trilby hats are my absolute favourite and you're quite right, it does add a quirky, final touch to an outfit. The Sheinside sweater is cool - i like pocket details on dresses and jumpers too, it enables you to some really great chic poses - you see it a lot on the red carpet when celebrities wear dresses with pockets. I'm glad you have found a new brand that you love. Sorry to hear about the weather. You photos still show off the outfit so don't worry, especially with the cream jacket which is adorable - perfect for spring coming up to. Have a good week x

Carola D. said...

Mi piace tantissimo questo look Lilli e che belli gli stivali!!!!! Bacino


Francesca said...

Your outfit it stunning, I love that sweater! It look so cozy and perfect for the weather you've been having lately! Be thankful for the rain, I have been getting feet and feet of snow!


Chic Delights said...

Hi Lilli, you look so stylish in the rain. Very nice coat. Your boots are perfect in the rain. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Liza said...

Hellow dear Lilli...love your coat and lovely boots. You look so gorgeous as always

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Gorgeous photos Lilli!!!!!
You look fabulous!!!!!

www.selodicecoco.it said...

Bellissimo il tuo mini abito e hai realizzato un look che ti copierei! Baci Elisabetta

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Dear Lilli, awww, it's raining here too and I can understand these moments, so frustrating and hard to take pictures and finding places with roofs and light is so difficult. I struggle with this situation sometimes too. In my city the weather is completely wet and cold. I'm not able to take pics because I'm not feeling well but I must say dear that you are looking beautiful I really like this top and cardigan you have on,It's so stylish and I loved your hairdo. It's simple but cute.! I hope you have dry and shiny days this week!! Lots of hugs and kisses <3

Unknown said...

mi piacciono questi strati caldi e confortevoli sovrapposti. Bellissimo il maxi pull nero con la stampa grafica in bianco e perfetta la combinazione con il bianco. Trovo che i colori chiari servano molto quando piove per non ingrigirci ulteriormente. Mi sa che prenderò ispirazione visto che anche a roma piove.

Unknown said...

aaaw I love this look and congrats on your collaboration ;)


Rebecca said...

Totally in love with this B&W layered look - that window pane printed sweater is too FAB!!!


Ileana said...

Love that coat and dress! Beautiful look ^^


Unknown said...

Hi Lilli! Such a beautiful turtleneck sweater, the details looks so classy and great pairing with the white coat! The whole outfit looks really glamorous.. you definitely know how to work with white and black clothing. I need that style of hat as well.. I've been loving the look of them.. gives the Hollywood vibe =D I hope you're having a wonderful week Lilli! <3

Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

Vale ♥ said...

Dolcissima Lilli, che bello questo look, mi piace molto ! Ti capisco per le foto, con la pioggia è difficile trovare la giusta luce anche se si riesce a non bagnarsi, ogni volta che piove sono ancora più di malumore da quando ho il blog, hahahaha ! Sei carinissima con questo cappello e gli stivali :-* Baci

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sonia // daring coco said...

Cats and dogs! Love it and I love how snug and warm you look in this outfit. Perfect for staying indoors by the fire with a good book.


Valeria said...

Ciao Lilli. Sei riuscita a scattare le foto nonostante le avverse condizioni climatiche, è da apprezzare.
Carinissimi gli stivali e il cappello ti sta molto bene. Un bacio


Lilli said...

Thanks for your comments! xo

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