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Friday Loves

Friday Loves

Few items I'm currently loving.

1) KIKO LIP SCRUB: A nice lip scrub in stick, gentle to use and smooth to apply, that leaves the lips perfectly exfoliated and soft. Currently is in promo in the stores, it's a good deal.

2) ESSENCE LASH PRINCESS FALSE LASH EFFECT MASCARA: I was already a fan of the previous one (check out here), this new version not only makes the lashes longer but adds volume to them, like false lashes. The packaging is utterly cute too.

3) BERSHKA DENIM JACKET: I finally found the perfect blue jacket in denim and for a great price, just €19.99. Can't wait to wear it once the temperature will allow it.

4) LEONE VANILLA CANDY: Sweet, small and fine; these vintage Italian pastilles are addictive and tasty. They are available in many and different high-quality flavors, vanilla is one of my favorite.

What are your recent loves?

Have a great weekend!



The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hello my lovely!! These look wonderful. A good lip scrub is needed when wearing lipsticks a lot. Never had these candies before, but they sound marvellous. I like the packaging for the mascara and a jean jacket is perfect for spring weather :))) I hope you have a gorgeous weekend my dear. Lots of hugs and kisses xo

MayLoveFashion said...

Io sono alla ricerca disperata di un bel modello di giubbino di jeans, però li ho provati ma non mi hanno convinto, continuerò la ricerca :)

Demi Mist said...

They look very nice!
I haven't tried them, but I have another mascara from essence that I love and I used to have a denim jacket I loved!
Happy Friday Lilli! Kisses!!!

nanussa said...

il giubbino di jeans e' intramontabile e sempre bello da indossare!! bacioni cara buon weekend!!

Valeria said...

Ciao Lilli. Uno scrub labbra mi servirebbe! La giacca di jeans è carinissima e anch'io adoro le pastiglie Leone. Quelle alla vaniglia non le ho mai provate!
Buon fine settimana!


Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Dear Lilli, with mascaras is it like Denim jeans. I'm searching my whole life for the best one. I like the fasle lashes effect, so the Essence mascara sound great. I need to go this afternoon in a grocery store, so I will looking for this one.
A denim jacket is always a must have and a perfect pieces for spring. Can't wait to see you in your new jacket.
I wish you a very nice and sunny weekend. Big Kiss Cla

Paola Lauretano said...

Interessante lo scrub labbra e bellissimo il giubbino in denim!!!!
Happy friday tesoro!
xo Paola
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Shireen L. Platt said...

I love Essence but never tried their mascaras but will definitely pick up this mascara to try soon! And how pretty is that denim jacket? I am still looking one for myself, I love how easy to wear a denim jacket and it's perfect for Spring!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

www.selodicecoco.it said...

Lo scrub delle labbra le rende una seta vorrei provare questo! Baci Elisabetta

Dania said...

Io vorrei provate lo scrub labbra, una volta ne ho preso uno di un altra marca ma non mi sono trovata bene..
Un bacio



Chic Delights said...

I like the Kiko brand. I always buy some when we are in Italy. I have never tried the Leone candy.mit must taste good. Happy Friday!

Ivana Split said...

I must try this new essence mascara....lovely favs! I'm currently loving my essence lip pencil, it really makes every lipstick stay on longer:) When it comes to food, I don't know what to say...I'm no sure what is my fav at the moment....I eat so much delicious food that it is hard to keep track...and I cook all the time...and eat way too much sweets:)!

Have a great weekend sweetie.

Unknown said...

Mi piace molto il giubbino di Jeans. Le pastiglie le ricordo in una confezione metallica...qualche tempo fa.

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ilda76 said...

Ciao cara mia! :)
Inspirational post!

Wow, that lip scrub from Kiko! On my wishlist! I wonder if I can order it somehow!
I know essensce products, I even have a few favourites but I hear for the first time about this mascara! On my wishlist, I'll look for it! :)
I just love the denim jacket that you choose! I have a similar one and it's my go to look! I want to wear it as a pijamas too... :))
Mmmm, the Leone candy sims amazing! Yuuumiii!

My last loves are the stripes, I'm crazy about it and I'm afraid that I'm in danger to fill up my wardrobe with striped T-shirt! :))

Many kisses, my dear Lilli!
Happy weekend! :)

Lavender Thoughts

DIMI said...

Hello sweet Lilli!!
I have;nt try those new products!
I use to have a denim jacket !!Love those Italian pastilles !!
My favorite flavor is vanilla!!Have a happy weekend!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Lovely finds Lilli! I love your denim jacket as I've been looking for one like that with a faded wash. There's a Levi's one I like but I can't find it in my size. I've been using Sara Happ's Lip Scrub in a Creme Brulee flavor and it's so good and I'm sometimes tempted to eat it haha :) Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Peaches Ledwidge said...

I'll take the denim jacket. Never goes out of style.

Unknown said...

I want to get the Lip scrub!
Love Kiko all the way!

Benedetta M. said...

Il lip scrub è una cosa che ho sempre cercato, finalmente! Lo comprerò senz'altro!

un bacione e buon week end cara!



Federica Di Nardo said...

Mi trovo molto bene con i cosmetici Essence :)

The Cutielicious

Pooja Mittal said...

lip scrub in lipstick form , interesting
Keep in touch

De. said...

Voglio provare il mascara baci


Stanislava E. said...

I thought that the lip scrub is a lipstick, now this is something new to me! I should get that mascara then! I believe it's good when you say it, Lilli, so this will be my next purchase. Be careful if I don't like it, haha, just kidding! Congrats on the great purchase by Bershka! The jacket is so cool, I think it would be perfect for many spring and summer outfits! Can't wait to see how you would style it! About the sweets - I have never heard of them, but when in Italy I should give them a try (if I don't forget their name). My recent favourite is only one and is a perfume by Yves Rocher called "Evidence". This is the perfect perfume in my opinion. Have a lovely weekend, dear Lilli! xo

Ivanasworld said...

Great :)

Unknown said...

Sono una super fan delle pastiglie leone Lilli: prima di tutto per il gusto e poi per il packaging sempre meraviglioso!! :D Comunque vorrei anche quel giacchino di jeans, troppo carino, poi perfetto per la primavera! Buon week-end cara!

Elekon said...

great finds, love your denim jacket, I need one for this summer for layering with maxi maternity dresses:)
Have a great weekend ahead! xx

Unknown said...

Well the lip balm and mascara would be perfect for me. I only tend to exfoliate my lips when I use a face scrub to wash my face once or twice a week so the lip balm would be really handy to carry around. My eyelashes are so thin and short so I'm always on the lookout for new mascaras than lengthen and volumise. You have also reminded me to get my denim jacket out for spring. Have a lovely weekend x

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

I haven't got into my trusted denim jacket yet, but if I did, it would be one of my loves, too. :) And that candy looks so wonderful. Have a fab weekend, Lilli! x

Sola ante el espejo said...

Adoro la giacca denim! Baci.

Unknown said...

Ciao Lilli,
Quello scrub labbra Devo proprio provarlo!
Un bacio


Unknown said...

Splendido mascara!

Unknown said...

E adoro le pasticche!


Unknown said...

So lovely to see what you are currently loving as I get to hear about new products I have never heard of! I am so interested in that lip scrub, it seriously sounds like a great product! I really want to try it out! I also really want to try that mascara as I have been looking for a new one!


Audrey said...

voglio provare sia il numero 1 che le numero 4! ottimi spunti!

ANNA said...

scrub labbra da provare assolutamente a presto cara

Unknown said...

io voglio le pasticche Leone Lilli!!!
Mrs NoOne

marilovesgr33n said...

ehi lilli, ma lo sai che io adoro quelle pastiglie Leone. Sono troppo buone e mi sanno di cose buone che si facevano una volta. bellissimoOOo. Tu ne sai sempre una per trasmettere felicità.
buona domenica sweetheart.

alessandra said...

Voglio provare lo scrub per le labbra!!

Habanero Angelica said...

Le pastiglie Leone <3
Buona domenica cara Lilli :-*

Vale ♥ said...

Il lip scrub sembra fantastico, lo voglio ! Non lo avevo ancora notato ! Le Pastiglie Leone le adoro <3 Bacioni cara Lilli !

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Anonymous said...

The best products! <3 Hugs dear Lilli, I wish you a beautiful week :)

Anonymous said...

The mascara sounds intriguing! Great that you are very happy with its result.

lu beautylove said...

...non sapevo facesse lo scrub labbra pure kiko...io lo uso uno di lush!!!...le caramelline alla vaniglia mi tentano!!!
...un bacione!!!

Lilli said...

Thank you all! xo

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