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Credits: 21st-design/homify.co.uk
Most of you already know that one of my passions is everything about home and decor; I often spend much time on web, especially on pinterest, in search of inspirational images and new ideas. So, I'm always delighted when I discover new theme sites as homify: an online platform for architecture, design and construction, where experts in the field can sign for free and upload their projects and products, while the users can save the images on ideabooks, get some inspiration from them and even contact the expert to realize the design, always for free. 
I browsed the site looking at the thousands of beautiful photos and found many interesting ideas for each space and corner of home, indoor and outdoor. I always wanted to have a garden, I grew up in an apt and I still remember how happy I was when I played in my friends' garden when I was a child. Why am I talking about this? Gardens are still my obsession, especially now that the weather is great for nice outdoor gatherings, parties and romantic dinners. To create the right atmosphere, it is also important to choose the good lighting and among of all the styles, I prefer the modern and minimalist ones: they spread tidiness, light, a certain sense of positivity and quietness, isn't it? I picked some inspiration from homify to make you understand better what I mean: those lights give a pleasant cosiness, their innovative design creates the space around, that appears in a way or another depending on how much intense is the light and how it is shed.

Credits: ILUMIA.PL/homify.co.uk

Credits: INAKI LEITE/homify.co.uk

Credits: ARCH. DONATO PANARESE/homify.co.uk

Credist: ASTÉRI/homify.co.uk


Credits: ROCKY DANCING COLOURS/homify.co.uk

Credits: ESTUDI ANTONI AROLA/homify.co.uk

What do you think about these lights? Which style would you pick for them and for a garden? Did you already know homify? Visit the site and be inspired by it :)

- Il sito ed il relativo servizio sono disponibili anche in italiano  -


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The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hello my lovely...Good Morning!! Well, these are wonderful...how delightful it would be to go out of your home and see these!?! I would love a pool, it would be great, especially in these locations, ha :)) I love the lighting :) I hope you have a wonderful day my dear. Lots of loves and hugs to you xoxo

MayLoveFashion said...

Oddio che posto da favola! Bacino Lilli

Chic Delights said...

Hi Lilli, Thank God, it is getting warmer. I love the outdoors. We are cleaning our garden and setting up our outdoor furniture so that we can hang out there and enjoy the lovely weather.

Unknown said...

wow! no, lilli non conoscevo homify! grazie per questa presentazione. sempre originale!! sto guardando il loro sito ed è spettacolare

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow, queste foto sono da urlo.... che spettacolo queste illuminazioni da esterno!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Unknown said...

Hello Lilli, really nice pictures about deco and Home ideas, I did not know this web, I will see. When I was child I have a little garden but I want a big garden like my grandmother, now I am living in a flat, I like you, I dream of a garden.

Un beso mi bella amiga.

nerline said...

I love the outdoor lighting a lot. What a beautiful concept!

bydee-make-up said...

Lovely lights, lovely places.
Now, all I want is a garden. ;))
Kisses sweetie.

Unknown said...

mamma mia che sognoooo
bellissime foto!!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Adina Nanes said...

Oh, so beautiful, Lilli! I didn't know this site, thanks so much for telling us about it! kisses

Shopping Lady said...

Stupendo! Non conoscevo questo sito, devo andare a dare un'occhiata, anche io adoro curiosare tra le foto di home decor!

My last post: Avon nourishing face mask green olive

Shopping Girls

Unknown said...

una vera meraviglia!!

Alice said...

non lo conoscevo il sito, me lo sono già aperto in un'altra finestra!!
che bello sognare un pò, mi piacciono molto le foto che hai scelto, la prima poi è davvero bella e di ottima atmosfera :)

Alice's Pink Diary

Dania said...

Allora Lilly, a me queste case come tipologia piacciono moltissimo, certo le vetrate cosi sono bellissime sopratutto la sera ma mi puacerebbe avere vetri che ti permettono di vedere fuori ma che impediscano lo stesso per chi è all esterno.



Unknown said...

Che esterni strepitosi...Adoro questi ambienti dalla grande suggestione, che inducono alla riflessione, alla calma, al benessere...Mi ci vorrebbe proprio!

Świat w kolorze blond said...

nice arrangements and great post:) swiatwkolorzeblond.com

Audrey said...

oh mamma mia che paradisi!!!

Giulia said...

omg.... che meraviglia.. viene voglia di scappare!giulia

Elisa Zanetti said...

mi hai lasciata a bocca aperta!
Nameless Fashion Blog


I've not heard of Homify Lilli, but I love gardens and decor of course. They seem to have beautiful products and arrangements here are marvellous. Have a great week. xx<3
Artful Statements

Unknown said...

Ciao tesoro,
non conoscevo homify, andrò a sbirciare. Anch'io come te amo il design e l'architettura sia d'interni che esterni, è una cosa che mi piace parecchio e adoro anche solo guardarla e magari, perchè no, lasciarmi ispirare. Le luci, come dici anche tu, sono importanti e necessarie visto che il giusto calore o colore delle medesime cambia totalmente l'ambiente e quindi fa prendere o perdere valore a ciò che lo circonda. Io amo parecchio le luci calde e avvolgenti, ma anche le luci più fredde hanno il loro prechè nell'ambiente giusto. Un abbraccione e buon inizio settimana :*** <3

MariaFelicia Magno said...

conosco benissimo ludo..che meraviglia...
un bacione


meraviglioso e bellissimo il tuo nuovo blog....scusa era tanto che nn passavo da te!!
un abbraccio e super complimenti
baci claudette

Unknown said...

Che meraviglia di case!!! Un vero sogno!!! *_*

Un abbraccio, Elisa
My Fantabulous World

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Dear Lilli, wonderful and very inspiring pictures. I love the atmosphere at all of these photos.
I also grew up in a apartment and understand why you love gardens si much. If a would have enough space I would like to have a garden with much flowers like peonies or fresh veggies.
The website sounds interesting, I will it.
Wish you a very nice evening cara Lilli

Benedetta M. said...

Ho sempre songnato un giardino con quei finestroni pieni di luce... Le idee d'arredo per l'esterno sono molto particolari, bellissime le torce giganti!



Antonella C’est Moi said...

Ciao Lilli, che meraviglia queste foto, un sogno!! Un abbraccio e buona serata

Laura said...

Ciao Lilli cara,
anche quella dell'interior design è una passione che abbiamo in comune :)
Ottima selezione, l'ultima foto mi ha dato un senso di grande pace e relax...

Baci :)



Shireen L. Platt said...

Looking at these pictures made me wish, hope and dream that we'll win the lottery soon! LOL! They all looks amazing and if I have a garden looking as perfect and as dreamy as these pictures then I would never leave my home. LOL!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

LoveT. said...

Wonderful! Think my favorite light is a open Fireplace :)

lots of Hugs <3

Unknown said...

Che meraviglia Lilli, credo che crescendo sia normale iniziare ad interessarsi a cose più adulte di quelle di quando eravamo adolescenti! Anche io ultimamente mi sto guardando parecchio in giro, comunque avere una casa così sarebbe un sogno!

Stanislava E. said...

Oh, Lilli, it is such a pleasure to see this kind of post from you! I love gardens and I try spending as much time outdoors as I can when outside the weather is beautiful! That's why I know what you're talking about! I have always lived in an apt, and to be honest, I don't mind, but I dream of a garden! And if I had, I'd take a proper care of it! I browsed the site of homify, it is really inspirational! The lights from the photos are really stylish! I like the one placed on the wooden path the most! You just made me dream! Have a nice evening, Lilli! xo

DIMI said...

Hello sweet Lilli!!
Wow!!What a beautiful house!
I would live there for ever!!Just like paradise!!
Gorgeous pictures!!
Have a lovely and sunny week ahead dear!Hugs!

Sola ante el espejo said...

Che meraviglia queste foto! Un bacio.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That lighting is so exquisite Lilli! I love the flames too! It really sets the ambiance of the landscape.

alessandra said...

Belle foto, mi piacciono molto queste ispirazioni!

Unknown said...

Delle case ed esterni davvero magnifici, queste illuminazioni sono davvero originali e voglio scoprire di più !
Un bacio bella

*TDM* said...

ciao Lilli! scopro che abbiamo sempre più cose in comune <3 anche io ho le passioni per l'home decor e per il giardino (come avrai potuto vedere :P). Mi piace prendermi cura delle piante, anche se non saprei proprio dire se ho il pollice verde...
come te, mi piace curiosare su Pinterest, sono sempre in cerca di nuove ispirazioni. Non conoscevo Homify e credo sia davvero geniale e interessante questo progetto. Sono rimasta sorpresa poi che si possono consultare anche gratuitamente, sbircerò sicuramente sul loro sito.
Immagini favolose!
un bacione

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I'm also very interested in home and decor ideas as well. This site looks like it's full of beautiful inspirations just based on the images you pulled for this post. I'm also fascinated by gardens since I live in an urban jungle. We are lucky to have one downstairs in our complex and I do enjoy hanging out there. This selection of lights is very cool and my favorite would be the egg shaped ones :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

che posto magnifico Lilli
Buon giovedì
un bacione
tr3ndygirl fashion blog

MaryP said...

No0 non conoscevo questo sito ... Che belle immagini! Case da sogno, per chi ha questa passione come te, credo sia facile anche riproporre queste idee in maniera "economica" giostrando con la fantasia ... per noi meno "addette" beh ... c'è IKEA!

New Post-> http://www.modidimoda-mapi.blogspot.it/2015/05/ma-quale-curvy-revolution.html

Unknown said...

I never really gave much thought into backyards but oh my, some of these are so dreamy! Thanks for inspiring me :)


Liza said...

Wow Lilli...These are such beautiful photos. These images are really inspiring, such gorgeous gardens. I love this simplicity yet fabulous concept ! Thanks for sharing this lovely post. These are candies for my eyes :)

Francesca said...

Che posto meravigliosooooo, da partire ADESSO!
Baci! F.

La Civetta Stilosa

Anna and Klaudia said...

wow!!! super <3

Like me on FACEBOOK

Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful house!!! nice ideas!!!
Have a nice day, dear Lilli!! g+ and like for you!!!:)))

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Rebecca said...

OMG these are breathtaking - thanks for sharing !!!


Unknown said...

This post is amazing and I am so inspired!


Unknown said...

Great ideas and inspiration Lilli - I'm moving right now so obsessed with home and garden stuff!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

These are such cool ideas Lilli!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!

ania said...

Lovely interior! I wish to make some yoga on this tarace.... <3

Anonymous said...

Love the lights as they are very nicely matching the architecture. Wouldn't mind living this way :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness this is so inspiring and makes me want to do the lottery because i know I would never be able to afford a home like this but I can dream. I agree lights are everything inside the house and definitely outdoors. I love those flame lights in the second photo because I really think they would be extra cosy as though you are sitting next to a fire. The architecture is just stunning. I didn't know this was of your passions as well - I love design but don't get a lot of time to really enjoy it unfortunately. Such a cool website, i didnt know about it before but will definitely be something to look at on my iPAD in between clients. Have a lovely week x

Peaches D. Ledwidge said...

My oh my, Lilli. The pictures are stunning. Everything appears so uniformed and perfect. Nice to see another side of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow so beautiful and relaxing!!! Love <3 Many kisses and happy week-end dear Lilli! :)

Lilli said...

Thanks everyone! xo

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