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Sudio Sweden | Vasa Pink Earphones

Sudio Sweden

Happy Friday everyone! 

Let me introduce you Sudio, a Swedish lifestyle brand which produces elegant earphones and offers studio quality sound. Their earphones, in fact, aren't only an electronic accessory but also a real stylish item. The name Sudio comes from an incident when one of the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. When they still were in the prototype stage and didn't even have a name, the only words the founder could say to Phil were: “trust me I know the feeling”. So, the name Sudio is just an homage to Phil Collins song Sussudio.
The aim of the brand is to make classy earphones to wear all the time like precious jewels, with a great and unique sound experience. And, in fact, they really are so. 

Sudio Vasa Pink

I got Vasa model in pink; the Sudio VASA collection has been named after King Gustaf Vasa, who led the Swedish War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark during the 16th century. The packaging also included 4 pairs of extra, sleeves, owner’s manual and quality assurance card, a genuine leather carrying case and a metal clip. The leather case is a polished and refined detail that I immediately loved.

Sudio Vasa Pink

My experience with Sudio? I'm truly impressed by my Vasa earphones: the sound is fantastic, I can clearly hear every detail in everything I listen: audio or song. The 3-button remote allows to quickly control the volume and stop what you're listening, pretty useful. Plus, the design is super feminine, luxury and charming, in one word so irresistible.
Look at them, aren't they so trendy and a perfect gift even for the upcoming Valentine's Day? That's why Sudio kindly offers 15% off typing the promo code ElisabetsValentine when purchasing on the site, it will be valid through one month, free shipping worlwide included :)

Did you already know Sudio? What do you think of their minimalistic yet sophisticated design? For further info, visit the official website, facebook page and instagram account.

Enjoy your weekend!


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MayLoveFashion said...

Io non le conoscevo, sono davvero bellissime, poi rosa...Lilli lo sai che ho un debole :). Buon week end :*

Paola Lauretano said...

Sono davvero trendy, le più cool che io abbia mai visto!!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Fashion Snobber said...

Ma poi sono rosa! No, cioè parliamone! Come si fa a non volerle! *_*
Bacione bellezza e buon weekend! :*

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

Dear Lilli,
very stylish your pink earphones. Your experience sounds great. A trendy way to listen music. Perfect gift for Valentins Day. The fact behind the sudion earphones are very interesting. And btw your picture ist fantastic.
Wish you a nice weekend. Molto Bacione Cla

Lizzy said...


MariaFelicia Magno said...

bellissime ludo,il colore lo adoro,ovviamente!un'ottima idea regalo..

Eleonora Marini said...

Con tutto questo rosa potrei diventare scema Lilli :-)

The Princess Vanilla

Stanislava E. said...

Hi Lilli! No, I haven't heard about Sudio so far, but thanks to you now this name sounds familiar to me. The story behind the brand name is very interesting. I like the colour and all the accessories coming with the earphones. I am used to listen music wherever I go on my iPod and a pair of good earphones is a must for me. Have a nice weekend, Lilli! xo

Ale's Pink Fairy Tale said...

Che belle...molto chic,poi rosa sono meravigliose.
Un bacio Ludo

LoveT. said...

Pretty! i love the Pics, you look so super beautiful, pink is a great Colour for you :)

Happy Friday, lovely Greetings <3

DIMI said...

Hello sweet Lilli!
No,i do'nt know Sudio!I must informe my daughters!
They will be thrilled with those preety and stylish pink earphones!
Love your photo with the pink tulips!
Have a great weekend dear!Hugs!


Haha, I love how they got the name. Love Phil Collins too. lol. I'm glad that you are impressed with these earphones, I always have mixed feelings with earphones so I am picky. These look and sound like they are great quality. Thanks for sharing Lilli. You look so pretty in the photos too. x
Beauty Talk

Beauty Unearthly said...

Hi Lilli, you look so fresh and radiant! Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

Unknown said...

ow firstly I love the story behind the name of the brand, linking it to the Phil Collins story. I've only recently got into wearing headphones but mine are a really boring looking black pair. The Sudio ones are not only very practical but like you said they are really stylish too. I would have definitely chosen the pink ones too and they go so great with your outfit!! Happy weekend Lilli x

Sola ante el espejo said...

Adoro il colore! Un bacione Lilli.

Anonymous said...

Love the colour, the design and the different sizes of the earphone tips. So interesting about the Phil Collins connection - of course I know the song and it's funny that it influenced the name of this product :) Have a nice weekend.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I love it when style marries function and that is definitely what's going on with these pretty pink headphones. They look so elegant and sturdy and the story behind how the company got it's name is cute too. It sounds like you've been enjoying your time with them too. I'll have to go check out the line now. Happy weekend!

Demi Mist said...

The pink colour makes them so cute!
Interesting how they came up with the name.
Have a great weekend Lilli!

nerline said...

I love the story behind the name. Definitely something to remember. Great review !

Dania said...

Ehy Lilli che belli, e poi in rosa sono cosi femminili!


Vale ♥ said...

Sono assolutamente stupende Lilli, le voglio anche io rosaaaa *___* Baci

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Adina Nanes said...

So chic and such an amazing post! The photos are so beautiful, Lilli! kisses

Unknown said...

I love the colour and how they come by the name.
You look fabulous dear.


Unknown said...

che belle queste cuffiettte Lilli
Mrs NoOne

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Lilli,

Love the headphones and so pretty in pink and thanks, for sharing. the photo of you is lovely too.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend

Cut From The Same Cloth said...

Hi Lilli~ I never heard of these and I will have to check them out!! You look great~ pretty in pink!!

Jo said...

Hi Lilli,

I miss you here!

These earphones are absolutely classy. I've never heard of this brand and I I never knew beauty and quality sound could come together! The history to this is really interesting and also how the names of the earphones are derived.

Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

Ivana said...

My dear Lilli, I'm happy to hear that those headphones are not only cute but super quality product also... but they are soooo cute 😊 I cannot help myself... I' m such a girly girl and I love the color. They look like an amazing product! Bacione e buona domenica

Unknown said...

vabbè!!! adoro!!! come sai sono una fan del rosa e mi piace da morire *__*
un abcione tesoro e buona serata

Chic Delights said...

Looks so pretty. I like the case and the colour.

Lilli said...

Thanks for the comments! xo

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